Journal entry by Erin Cimpl Nahorny

Sammy started throwing up this morning, so we are at the ER for labs and fluids. It is probably a virus, but because of his risk for dehydration we aren't taking any chances with getting any sicker! We also did get bone marrow biopsies back and they were 10% and 20%. Last time they were 2%. Dr. Cohn said that there is no way to truly quantify because unlike blood cancers, Neuroblastoma "clusters" in the bone marrow, so a true percentage is difficult to determine. The MIBG was unchanged from last time, so the good news is the disease is stable, the bad news is that the amount of disease hasn't lessened. We will be starting a new maintenance type of chemo using Cyclophosphamide and Topotecan and we will be getting on a waiting list for another clinical trial. Please continue to keep Sammy and our family in your prayers.
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