Journal entry by Erin Cimpl Nahorny

Well, we don't have a lot of information yet, but we are getting lots of questions, so I will pass along what we know... The only results we have are from the CT scans, which show stable disease, meaning there appears to have been no change since the last round of scans. Specifically, the CT looks at soft tissue, so it shows the lymph nodes/tumor in his abdomen, by his spine and by his collar bone. The MIBG will "light up" areas of active disease, so we are waiting on that to see what lights up. This will also show any active area of disease in his bones. The bone marrow biopsies will take a few days to hear about. While of course we continue to hope for a positive change, stable is good. Based on the CT there does not appear to have been any growth in the tumors or new areas of disease. We have begun to discuss treatment options, but until all the testing is back, we won't make any final decisions.

As always, Sammy was a trooper. He is so comfortable with all the procedures. One of the nurses, Judy, even told us that he woke up in between procedures and asked if she could get him some pancakes. They all adore him. He is such a good and sweet patient! He cracks everyone up. I am just so thankful that he isn't scared and that he handles these things so well. It definitely makes it easier on us! 

Thank you for your prayers, Sammy's Superheroes 
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