Journal entry by Erin Cimpl Nahorny

I know we've been in this room before, and honestly, when Sammy is feeling miserable, there is some comfort in being here. Anyway...Sam was re-admitted to the hospital Saturday afternoon. He was continuing to vomit, have diarrhea and his blood sugar was at 50. With no eating or drinking, this wasn't terribly surprising. He had not been feeling well at all and was a little warm last night, 99.8... 

This morning his temp was 101, so we needed to do blood cultures, both through his port and peripheral, by drawing from his arm. He has not thrown up today, but his diarrhea has gotten worse and still no eating or drinking.

Chris, Ella & Jacob came to Omaha yesterday afternoon and it was good to spend a few hours together! We watched Harry Potter, while Sammy slept. 

Also, three cheers for Aunt Megan! I'm so thankful she came to Omaha with me and Sam on Tuesday. She has been incredibly helpful and awesome company. She also stayed with Ella and Jacob at the hotel so Chris could stay at the hospital with me and Sam. 

Keep praying Sammy's Superheroes! <3

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