Journal entry by Erin Cimpl Nahorny

Sorry I haven't updated sooner. We had an amazing and wonderful trip to Florida. Make-a-Wish, what a completely amazing organization. We had so much fun. We got home late Sunday night and started chemo up right away on Monday. Sammy has not tolerated this round well though and was inpatient for two of the days and we stayed in Omaha the rest of the time, just so we didn't have to put him in the car and drive to/from Columbus everyday since he is so nauseous.

Sammy is battling a sick tummy, but today marks the last day of chemo for this round. This is a picture of Sammy getting Zofran to hopefully help his nausea. We haven't found the 'perfect cocktail' that's been able to wipe out the nausea yet, but we're trying some new meds today. Thank you for all the prayers.

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