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Pizza, Butterflies and Paul

Today was a good day. Sammy felt so much better. He talked to everyone, ate breakfast and lunch and is eating pizza, an apple and chocolate milk as I type this. 

I had several different conversations today about advocating for your kiddo and pushing to find options that are in their best interest. All of the nurses were excited about now knowing this option to offer to families in our position. 

The best thing about today was that we were able to spend the day at the Infusion Center, not throwing up and sleeping, but visiting with our fellow FBI Junior Special Agent, Paul, and his parents. I had a "moment" when the nurse came in and gave them the results from Paul's scans today. I realized in that moment, that I was terrified for them. When I saw Claudia give them the thumbs up and saw the look on Paul's parents faces, I kind of broke down. Nothing totally embarrassing, just tears. 

I just love that kid. He is in 5th grade. He is incredibly sweet to Sammy. He is patient, funny and smart. Paul likes bugs and insects and he wants to be an Entomologist. (He and Chris looked that word up)  He is another example of the cruelty of childhood cancer. Watching this amazing family that we adore, wait in fear for results is so incredibly difficult. I am so thankful that his scans were clear. It's hard to explain the relief I felt to hear that news. 

While we wish everyday that Sammy wasn't sick, once again, I have to acknowledge that this has also been an opportunity for us to see the very best in people and to meet some of the most incredible kiddos and parents in the world. 

So, tonight, here's to Paul's clear scans, no NG tube, eating pizza, our St. Isidore's family's awesome cards, Fr. Joe visiting and singing "If I Were a Butterfly..." with Sammy in the middle of the Infusion Center and to all of you for continuing to be Sammy's Superheroes and helping us fight this war on childhood cancer.

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