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Site created on October 9, 2018

Well the 2018 school years started in great fashion, Samantha, a Senior was ready to go, Volleyball, student government, college prep and searching. In the midst of of all the fun she noticed a small bump on the back of her knee. We made an appointment to see our Primary Care Physician who wanted an ultrasound. We moved to Childrens in Fresno to have that done, which quickly turned into our worst nightmare... 3 days later we were diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic Rhabdomyosarcoma. She has cancer throughout her right leg, into her abdomen and her lungs. You could never tell by looking at her. This was all the first week of September. Now she is home schooled, on chemo and finding ways to be engaged and yet win this battle with cancer. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Samantha Clevenger

Hi everyone! 
Just wanted to share with you guys that I recently started a GoFundMe to help fundraise for the England trip that Bekah and I are planning. Would love it if you guys checked it out! Thanks for your support! 

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