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August 3, 2020

7/15 After Dad is released from Froedert, and arrives at MCH under two week mandatory quarentine. I receive telephone call from nurse at 9PM, Dad has contracted Shingles. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

7/22 Dad reports having to wait as long as 45 mins to use rest room. Very uncomfortable, itchy, painful burning sores on right leg and low back. Feeling lonely, depressed, scared, no appitite. No visitors allowed due to COVID 19.

Telephone conference with Social worker, nurse practioner dietician, therapists. Lost 12 lbs, not eating. Feet swollen, concern for kidneys.

7/27 Dad reports severe pain in right shoulder, due to pre-eisting torn rotator cuff. Cortizone shot helpful for pain reduction in past. Not safe at current time, unable to provide under current care.

7/28- 7PM, recieved call from nurse MCH, Dad has temp 102F, severe knee and shoulder pain, suspected infection, sending back to Froedtert via ambulance. Arrives hospital 8:30 PM, ER. Initial diagnosis, infection from belly migrated to knee causing sepsis/blood stream infecction. Fluid from knee is drained and cultured, determined not the cause of infection. Pushing IV antibiotics. Very weak, heart speeding up and blood pressure still fluctuating. 
12:30 PM admitted to MICU

7/29- 8:15 AM, Cardiologist/EKG evaluation determines a potential "vegitation" on valve of heart? Now we are growing broccoli?? Transesphageal echocardiogram scope ( yet another procedure) indicates no change in heart  since July, 2020 echocardiogragm. No infection there! Good news.
6:10 Dad is transfered out of ICU. Treating infection of unknown origin. All cultures and lab work returned normal? Rhuemotologist newest diagnosis, psuedo gout. (Depositis of crystals forming in joints and surrounding tissues.)

7/30- 8:30 AM, Dad is having anxiety attacks forcing him awake throughout the nights. He is exhausted. 2 melatonen and benadryl ordered. Falling into deep depression from all this physical/emotional trauma & isolation from hospital/nursing home stay. Set up with new antibiotics, oral pain meds, and respitory monitoring. Moved onto air matress for better comfort. Vascular access replaced both lines and changed dressings. Difficult to preform PT due to etreme weakness and fatigue. Still no appetite, losing weight/mass. Ensure nourishment supplement ordered.

8/1 Nurse tried to flush remaining abdominal drain from spleen, but painful, too much fluid for smaller pocket. Will use less fluid to flush out drain. Hopefully last drain will be removed this week? 

8/2 Andy Waara, new social worker assigned to dad. Looking into new facility for sub-acute rehab. Looking for positive referrals for decent rehab facilities! MCH not a positive experience. St. Camillus, not accepting patients. Considering Franciscan Woods, Luthern Manor, St. John's on the Lake, St. Ann's, Southpointe???????

8/3 Theresa and Mom visited Dad today. He still has very low spirits and  an extremely negative attitude. I get it completely! I would as well after all he has been through! I sure wish I could find a way to make his day a bit brighter????

Thanks for following along with us on this uncertain journey. We are grateful for all of your continued prayers and warm wishes.
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