Journal entry by John & Michele Maloney

The rate of improvement in Ryan’s mobility is absolutely unbelievable! At this point he no longer uses the wheelchair or walker and primarily gets around using his cane. He’s actually been venturing off without any supports at all recently (for short distances)! We are very fortunate to have been given access to this incredible “walking training” equipment and latest in technology called Safe Gait Active & Infinadeck by Gorbel, a Victor-based company that actually developed the products.  The staff there has been so supportive of our goal and has graciously opened their training facility to us. With this addition, he has the perfect regimen now: Strong for OT and PT two days per week, Nazareth's PT clinic one day a week, Gorbel’s Safe Gait & Infinadeck two days per week, the gym many days a week, and home exercise constantly. It's a lot but he's definitely seeing the results of his hard work! 
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