Kelly Scheuneman-Chase|Sep 29, 2019
Hey John and Michele, Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. I've been quietly (from behind the scenes) following Ryan's incredible and inspiring story, and I cannot tell you how happy I was to read this latest post/development. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Ryan and your entire family each and every day . With much love, Schoona XXOO
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Kellie Doyle|Sep 23, 2019
INCREDIBLE and SOOO inspiring! Keeping the faith for continued improvement and mobility!
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Gay Perotto|Sep 23, 2019
Wow, got tears in my eyes. So wonderful. Ryan is truly an inspiration. Mrs. P
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Julie Byassee|Sep 23, 2019
That's so awesome, Ryan! xoxo
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Christopher Maloney|Sep 22, 2019
The STRONGEST Maloney!!
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Elizabeth Wallace|Sep 22, 2019
Amazing! Much love from all of the Wallaces.
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Mary Moll|Sep 22, 2019
Fantastic news!!
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Dan Burgmaster|Sep 22, 2019
Keep inspiring yourself and others, Ryan! You’ve got this !
The Burgmaster’s from Auburn NY
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Cher Fosco|Sep 22, 2019
What an inspirational moment! You’re going to continue to have great moments like these Ryan!!
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Michele Shone|Sep 22, 2019
That is absolutely amazing! The pure joy on Ryan’s face and his teammates enthusiasm! Just WOW!!!
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