Journal entry by John & Michele Maloney

Well, it happened again! Thursday insurance notified us that it was time for us to go. Our physiatrist at Kessler once again appealed insurance's decision and thankfully our stay was extended. We are well aware that this pattern will not continue much longer, though. We just want Ryan to be able to receive as much intensive therapy as he can before that time comes. It's almost been two months since we arrived in New Jersey and though we have been very fortunate to have incredible physical therapy, occupational therapy, and support from friends during our stay, but we're getting a little homesick.  

When we return home we have arranged to temporarily move into a handicapped accessible apartment not too far from home-- one where Ryan is able to get himself around easily. Our house is just not set up for him as he is now. Thank God for our friends and family who have all been helping prepare the new apartment for our return! 

Ryan continues to work hard. He's using his feet to pedal around the room in his chair at all hours of the night! His transfers (in/out of bed and in/out of the wheelchair) are much smoother for him now, and he's taking more & more steps with less assistance while using a walker. It's amazing to think that his first step behind a walker was only ten days ago. His legs and core are definitely getting stronger and much more able to support him while standing.

Ry is absolutely using every ounce of inner strength he possesses to continue to fight! Please keep praying!
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