Journal entry by John & Michele Maloney

Through all of the ups and downs and continuous struggles, remarkably Ryan remains steady. This past weekend was a tough one that completely rocked us to the core. We were told at noon on Friday that our time at Kessler was over and we had to go home. Totally caught off-guard and unprepared, we tried any options we had. First was a conversation between insurance and Kessler which did not change the decision, so a letter to appeal the decision had to be written before the close of business the same day. After waiting all weekend not knowing if we had to leave or not, we got word yesterday morning that the decision was overturned and Ryan could have more time. That was just what we wanted to hear! There is no doubt he is making great progress, but there are still a few things that need to get worked out before he can go home. Not only has he been sick, but we're still trying to figure out the logistics of where we are going/ what we need to do when we leave Kessler. The panic actually forced us to get organized and we did a lot of "just in case" practicing. He practiced getting in & out of our car and getting up and down stairs (all with assistance, but still, he's doing it). He's taking more and more steps with a walker now too-- each day gets a little better. 

As all of his buddies stop by to say goodbye before heading back to school, I know Ryan looks so forward to being with them again. He is determined to make it back to Cornell to enjoy his senior year-- and we remain hopeful that he is able to do that.  Please keep praying!!
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