Journal entry by John & Michele Maloney

Today marks the one month mark since we arrived at Kessler and we are shaking our heads in absolute amazement at the progress Ryan has made in such a "short" period of time. When he arrived at Kessler on July 15th he was, for the most part, flat on his back with no movement below his waist. Yesterday, one month into his rehabilitation, he pushed himself up from a seated position to standing behind a walker and took his first steps ! There was assistance from his OT and PTs, but he did it! Each day has been a progression toward this moment-- from lessening the capabilities of the wheelchair (now he has a lightweight one with no power assistance), to practicing standing using slant boards and standing frames, to doing many exercises to strengthen his core. He is definitely on the road to recovery.  We look forward to seeing how much more progress he can make in his remaining time here! With his determination, the possibilities are endless! Keep praying!
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