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Sep 20-26

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Sorry I haven't updated those following Ryan's cancer journey. Wanted to give Ryan some space to heal at home with his family after the difficult process of his transplant in the hospital. 
Ryan is feeling  healthier and stronger each day, his recovery is progressing a lot quicker, which is awesome! Just shows you how incredibly strong Ryan has been through this whole process. His appointments have gone from everyday to 2-3 days a week. He is gaining weight and his hair is starting to grow back! It will be interesting to see if it comes back curly or straight, black or gray, haha It won't matter at all to Ryan,  he is good with whatever. 
Ryan was given the wonderful news last Wednesday, that we all have been wanting to hear, Ryan is cancer free! Hallelujah!! He was also informed that his marrow is 100% donor. 🙏

Ryan would like to extend his gratitude for all your prayers and caring thoughts and words of encouragement. 🙏🧡


#RyanStrong 🧡

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