Ryan’s Story

Site created on February 10, 2020

Sometime between 12:02 and 12:30am, October 1, 2019 Ryan had his first of 4 known grand mal seizures.  He has never had seizures before but has been diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome for several years.  The month of October Ryan continued having seizures even on medication.  He slept a lot, several hours a day, and continued having seizure like symptoms without anyone visually confirming them.  October was terrible.
November was slightly better on different meds but he soon developed an allergic reaction to med #2 and was moved to a more potent 3rd medication.  This med (Vimpat) is non generic and works pretty well with keeping the GM seizures at bay.  He started getting his energy back and feeling more like himself.  We made the most of our holidays together, exhausted as we both were, and started the birthday season with our kids. Lordy, it's a long 3 months at the Hairgrove's. 

At his checkup in December things seemed to be leveling out and we made a plan to have his final checkup at the 3 month seizure free mark (Jan 27th) to see if they would clear him to go back to work.  We did not receive the news we hoped for, but instead were informed that Ryan is continuing to have seizures.  Absent seizures is what they are called.  He spaces out and forgets what is happening around him or that he was talking.  He is often confused.  The doctor said he cannot return to work.
We went to speak with his employer, who had him on FMLA for 16 weeks instead of 12, Bless them, and they terminated his employment, which canceled his insurance.

This page is to keep family and friends informed outside the social media network.  We wanted a safe place to talk about what is happening with Ryan without the drama of the FB.  We hope you will stop by often and check on Ryan and lift him in prayer.  We believe God is capable of more than we can even imagine so He is in control.  He has been ever faithful in this journey and someday I hope as we look back, we will remember the goodness of our God and how incredibly detailed He has been in providing for our needs, right down to the jeans I am wearing as I type this.  Thanks for loving us so well.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Vicky Hairgrove

We have STILL not found a therapist or psychologist who will see Ryan. It seems each time we make headway, we get knocked back again. He is hoping to hear from someone in the next week to see if he meets the qualifications for this specific clinic.



Ryan got his Doc to write a letter stating his being seizure free for OVER SIX MONTHS and HE IS ABLE TO DRIIIIIIIVE!!!!

I screamed at the top of my lungs when he told me today after work. 😂😂😂 Then we danced a jig and laughed and screamed and hugged and danced some more. 


This means a huge step forward for Ryan and his independence and getting back to our normal.  What a victory today!


We are going to find a way to celebrate.  Yall do some celebrating with us too!!

Much love,


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