LaClaire|Dec 23, 2017
Will pray that His hand will guide every word and that you would seek and feel His presence with you during every step of this process. Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas!
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Kyle and Maritsa Pedersen|Dec 13, 2017
Ruth, we praise God for this good news. It is truly fitting that you should write a book. As I’ve read your many posts, it’s been very apparent that you are a gifted writer and express yourself well! I also believe that God places your words in the paths of those who need to hear them! Keep writing! :) Have a wondrous and blessed Christmas!
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Eileen Weeks|Dec 12, 2017
Great idea to put your story of healing in a book. I will pray with you as you begin the process.
Merry Christmas to your family
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Olrac Somar|Dec 11, 2017 (edited)
Praying for God to be evident and that you feel his presence as you write your story. May your story bring glory to our one and true King!

God Bless, Merry Christmas!
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Bess Malek|Dec 11, 2017
Praising God for stories of healing! Praying for a story to be stirred up within you as you fill pages for His glory.
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Nathan and Christine Smith|Dec 11, 2017
Praise God! Would love to read it when it’s ready! Praying!
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patti kulpinski|Dec 11, 2017
my heart skips a beat when I see something from Caring Bridge! but---oh, so happy that the news is GOOD! I will continue to pray over YOU - Your path ahead and just what God want you to be doing! love AP
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Christine Dolejs|Dec 11, 2017
Such fabulous news! What a creative present for you and your loved ones especially Douggy and kids.
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Ilona Palomba/MedSend|Dec 11, 2017
Ruth, oddly (i.e., Divinely) enough, you popped into my head last week. I am so thankful to hear your news and excited to learn of your endeavor. Can't wait to read your book and share it with others. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family!
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Connie Moore|Dec 11, 2017
I am so happy that all tests turned out well and will continue to keep you in my prayers. Sending much 💕 your way and wishing you a very happy Christmas.🌲🙏💕
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