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As of December 2015, I have moved my writing to ( This site will remain online, but I will no longer post regularly here on Caring Bridge. Thank you so much for your support throughout this trial!

In mid-October of 2013, I began to have some mild abdominal pain.  After three days of gradually worsening symptoms, the pain became severe.  My husband Doug took me to the emergency room, and I was found to have masses and enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen via ultrasound and CT scan.  Within days we found out that I had cancer.  After numerous types of scans, several biopsies, and scores of tests, my doctors were not able to tell what type of cancer I had.  All they could say with certainty was that I had cancer, that it was aggressive and growing quickly, and was in Stage IV.  I needed to start chemo right away.  My husband Doug and I started this Caring Bridge journal as a way to keep our friends and family informed.  Thousands of people, day and night, all over the globe were crying out to God on our behalf.

After two rounds of chemo, a repeat CT scan was done in early December 2013 which showed NO evidence of the masses and enlarged lymph nodes seen previously!  We were amazed by our God, not only by His power but also by His goodness and love.  Because of the aggressive nature of the cancer that I had, I continued on with a long, intense regimen of chemotherapy which was completed in August of 2014.  We were more than ready to put cancer behind us, but a couple months later I was having back pain that wasn't going away.  After a thorough workup, no cause of the pain was found, but instead the imaging tests showed a mass in my womb.  Further testing revealed that I had uterine cancer, which was a shock to us and all of my physicians.  This was a completely different cancer than the one I had the year prior.  I underwent surgery in November 2014, and we rejoiced when it was found that the uterine cancer was in its very early stages, and no further treatment was needed.  I am now undergoing regular followup with my doctors, recovering from chemo and surgery, and thanking God for the gift of each breath.

This journal is a testimony to His goodness to us during a time of deep pain and suffering. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Ruth Lindberg

I'm cross-posting this from my blog. Merry Christmas!


Hi everyone,

First off – all is well. I saw my oncologist in November and everything looks fine. Back in September we had a bit of a scare which led to some scans a little earlier than we had planned. I had broken out in hives on my legs for no reason. Back in 2013, the week before I was first diagnosed with cancer I had broken out in hives on my legs – so needless to say we were stressed out and scared. My doctor ordered a CT scan (which was normal) and also a brain MRI since I was also having headaches (which also was completely normal). The rash went away after a week (and when the rash went away, so did the headaches! Fancy that) and I have been fine since. Though we firmly believe that God healed me of cancer, we realized that we are still on high alert whenever something is wrong with my body that we cannot explain (just like any other cancer survivor). I trust that this emotional and mental response will get better with the passage of time, as cancer fades into distant memory.

There is the update. Now the announcements. The first is that I have rewritten my story of healing, which is now updated on this website. Please feel free to share it. My prayer is that many people would be encouraged by my story of our God who loves us and who is indeed God With Us. I tried to be brief, but it is impossible – not because I am a wordy person, but because God did such an amazing thing and I don’t want to leave anything out. Which leads to my second announcement – that I am beginning the process of writing a book about my healing. I do not know what will come of it, but I have sensed for a long time that it is something I am supposed to do. I started this website so that I could continue to share widely what God has done, but a book has a permanence and tangibility that a website lacks. Now that our two children are in school all day, I have the time to focus on such a project.

Would you pray for me as I write this book? Pray that God would bless it and be glorified. Pray that I would be attentive to his Spirit and that I would write this book with God. Pray that I would trust God with this. Aside from my children and generations of our family to come, I do not know who this book is intended for; but I will leave those results to God.

God bless you this Christmas season!



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