Journal entry by Eli Bressler

Update for today, Roy has his Day/Night cycle flipped so the past couple of nights he has been restless. When I get here he’s usually pretty active until about Noon and then it seems he is ready to sleep a bit.  A couple more small victories today. They removed the last drain from his head. Also, were able to take off the mittens he needed to wear to prevent him from pulling out IV’s. When I got here today, Dad was active, he wanted to get up and move between the bed and the chair, it was good to see him so determined to move around.

One of the Bigger challenges over the last couple of days has been the loss of strength and dexterity on his left side. From Yesterday, the situation is very similar. Roy is favoring his right side and displaying limited mobility on the left. He can move his left leg and arm, he just having trouble.  They did a C/T yesterday that looked good, and then they had an EEG monitor Dad for nearly 24 Hours to asses any possible seizure activity.  Although, there was no focal (noticeable??) seizure indications, the surgeon who operated on Roy said there could be some polarization, or small negatives fluctuations in his brain activity that are leading to the symptoms on the left side. Although it may not seem good on the surface, the Doctor feels like that it would be a normal condition and as long as he is stable and continues to heal, we should expect this to pass.

My uncle Doit Barth Stopped by and we had a great visit today. To everyone who has sent in Pictures thank you, I had the pictures printed during the day; I grabbed them on the way back to dads place last night and brought some in today. It was great; Roy held some pictures of him and a couple Pals Dan and Wayne from a fishing trip. I feel like he recognized the photo and was processing everything in the picture as he was looking at it.  

We’re moving in the right direction, all the prayers and positive energy are making  difference. From our entire Family, Thank you.

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