Journal entry by Eli Bressler

Thanks to all that sent support, prayers, and encouragement.

   Today was another good day. Second day of recovery and although Roy's been sleeping most of the day. I feel as thought a number of Small improvements amount to great progress. 
   First, the physical therapists were able to get him to stand a couple times, I was floored! He only stood for a few seconds and seemed dizzy, but he was determined and wanted to keep trying until he stood three times. It was great.
   Next, they cleared him to eat soft food. He was able to take a couple bites of apple sauce and sips of juice. Couldn't do that yesterday so i feel like that another great step. 
   Finally, the Team here are slowly increasing the pressure in his cranium as the drainage slows, which is another big step in the right direction. So everyone knows, the immediate priority is keeping Dad stabile, and allowing his wounds to heal and stop draining. We will remain here in the Surgical ICU until his wounds stop draining, and it seems that is progressing well. No real guess when we will cross the next bridge but it all looks good now.

The team here at the hospital has been amazing, I brought in a couple dozens Bundtini's ( lil Bundt Cupcakes??, yeah that's a thing.) today to try say thanks for all they've done so far. I plan on being here from mid morning til' 2000ish until things change, if there Anything I can do please reach out.
Thanks to all who've reached out, your thoughts, Love, and Prayers mean everything in this moment.
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