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April 8, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Roslyn is out of the ICU and took a trip outside today, sunglasses and all!! Her speech continues to improve and so does her spirit.

We are all waiting for you with open arms, sweet girl!!


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March 30, 2021

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope this message finds you all doing well. XO

Roslyn is continuing to prove to us just how strong she is!! Physical Therapy is working with her 5x a week, she is standing with assistance and also speaking! Roslyn is very aware as to how close she came....and is also very aware of all of the love and support she is receiving from us here and all over the world!

Our cousin, Jillian, has been able to step in and visit Roslyn daily while Jeff and the boys are gone for a few days. It's been so great for Roslyn to be able to share her experiences with Jillian. Roslyn's favorites right now include chapstick and sugar free 7 Up ice chips!

We love you all and can't thank you enough for all of your love and support!

Briann and Family XOXOXO


March 10, 2021

Hi Everyone! Or should I say Hi 'Caring Bridge Family'!

Oh where to begin!? Roslyn is ON THE ROAD! On the road to getting out of the ICU and home to her family. Yes the road is long, but if anyone can do it, it's her. Her medications including the ones used to sedate her are being greatly reduced or eliminated completely. Physical and speech therapy is with her daily which includes dangling her legs off the edge of the bed and mouthing words. Per her doctor, "She is improving so fast." 

Roslyn is becoming more aware overall, which is a good but scary thing for her I'm sure. Can you imagine essentially being 'put to sleep' one day and waking up the next to not only it being March, but also beginning to realize everything that has been done.....

Jeff has been able to visit her regularly which is amazing and a huge source of love and support for Roslyn. 

Thank you all for your continued good thoughts, love, and prayers! It's working. Roslyn hears you! We all do.

Much love and gratitude to you ALL!



March 3, 2021

Roslyn continues on her road to recovery. The ECMO cannulas were removed, yay!! She is still sedated but does open her eyes to the sound of her sister's voice when she facetimes her from England. Jacqueline continues to read your messages to Roslyn, we all know she can hear us!!

Below is a message from Antoinette, one of Roslyn's dearest friends....along with the sunrise that morning that was shining so brightly for our Roslyn!!

"I drive by Keck everyday and I talk to to you, I cheer for you and I tap my chest, sometimes harder than others....sending you love, straight from my heart. Today was special, as I drove by and was talking to you, the sun was shining so bright from where you are....I felt an energy that was stronger today than usual, along with the bright light, I had the good feeling. I know you are coming home, and I can’t wait to show you the picture, I can’t wait to give you the biggest hug ever!!!! Keep up the good work!! Love you!"

Wishing you all a beautiful day. Roslyn is so loved!! Thank you so much for your continued support in getting Roslyn home! XOXOXO


February 26, 2021

Keeping this short and SWEET......

Roslyn is OFF ECMO!!!! We will see how she tolerates it over the next couple of days.

Jeff is getting to visit with her tomorrow.



February 23, 2021

Good Morning Everyone,

We know.....it's been awhile. Roslyn continues to fight for her life in the ICU at Keck. We had quite a last couple of weeks when our hope and faith was really tested. This morning, we wake up to hope. We wake up to Roslyn continuing to fight, and thank God that she is strong and that she very much wants to go home to her family.

Her sister in England has been reading the Caring Bridge messages to her at 2am America time....when the day is at its most quiet. We know Roslyn hears your love and prayers. Jeff was able to see Roslyn. He was not able to go into her room, but we all know that she knew he was there. She soaked up every ounce of his love and continues to carry on. 

Roslyn's night shift nurse said that she tried to open her eyes last night. We continue to pray and look forward to the day when we can all look into her eyes and say, "You made it."

Love to you all. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for each and every one of you.


Briann, and all of Roslyn's beloved family


February 6, 2021

Hi Everyone,

So much for not updating you all as often, but we can't help but share good news with you.....

Roslyn's lung volume is up to 450mls and has been over the last two days. Her level of ECMO is down to 40% and her carbon dioxide levels have decreased as well. All pointing to the fact that her lungs are working more independently. Roslyn's nurses and doctors are pleased with her progress.

We are on the right path!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU for your thoughts and prayers. 

Love to you all,



February 5, 2021

Good Morning Everyone,

There seems to a theme to Roslyn's recovery....."baby steps", "slow and steady", and we are happy to know that any step into the right direction is a positive one. Sedation continues to slowly be decreased, and Roslyn's heart rate went up with a recent doctor visit.  

We are all looking forward to the day when Roslyn can be more awake so that she can add even more fight and will into the ring! 

Much love to you all. I just keep thinking about when we can all be together again for our tradition of "Cousin Night". Hugs, laughing, food, drinks, singing and dancing. It will be a celebration like no other!

Come home, Roslyn. We all love you so much!!! XOXO