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August 5, 2020 Celebration of life

As a last minute reminder...

The Celebration of Rosie's Life will be this Saturday the 8th at 2:00 Pm and we expect it to go till 5:30-6:00 PM. If you want to bring a handful of stem flowers to place along the creek or pond as well as some wildflower seeds to scatter, that would be great. 

We will have a variety of soft drinks available and water. There will be a small variety and amount of beer available as well. You are welcome to BYOB if you want. Please be responsible in doing so! :-) 

The last request, and it is a very difficult one, but necessary. If you have been exposed to or have had viral symptoms in the last 30 days, I ask that you wait for the next opportunity to join close family and friends that cant make this trip due to the Pandemic. More to come on that. 

This is to be a casual and fun event to recognize the life shared with us all. WE miss her, but certainly will always love forever!

Thank you all for the tremendous amount of support over the last few months. This circle of friends in the community is amazing!

Thank you,
Scott Shearwood

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April 14, 2020 Memorial Rescheduling

To all,

I come to you with news that Im sure you all may have expected. Due to the CV-19 Pandemic, I have chose to postpone the memorial for my mother. I feel it will be too soon for people to travel safely and comfortably. 

My current date is set for August 8th at 2:00 Pm. I certainly hope that this will work for all. I do know that this may not for some, but I know that your thoughts and well wishes will be felt from wherever you may be. The plan is to re-create a similar gathering as her birthday last year up Brush Creek. 

Please feel free to email me at ssdezine@hotmail.com for my email has gone back to a private address only.


March 8, 2020 Update/Celebration of life

To all,
As some of you may have already received my email in regards to moms celebration of life, I want to issue this as a source of notification as well for those who I may have missed in the email response.

To start off... I want to say thank you for all the support, both local and afar. You all have been such a huge catalyst to the strength and positive energy that has allowed the family to move forward. Again, I thank all of you for that!

I have scheduled the memorial for Mom on the weekend of Memorial Day. The service will be held up Brush Creek. Her home, her heaven on on earth, love, passion and ultimately the land she fought so hard for. We will gather at Ed Oylers (the next door neighbor) on Saturday the 23rd of May at 2:00 Pm.

I hope this time doesn't alter too many peoples plans for the weekend, but I feel it will give those coming from around the country a little extra time to make the trip. I do look forward to seeing all that can attend. If you can not make it, please know that your thoughts and prayers are felt and appreciated very much and know that I understand.

In the spirit of Rosie Shearwood, my friend, my rock, my tutor in life, my mother; many smiles and love to all...

Scott Shearwood


January 26, 2020 Vail Daily


To all here,
Please note the link I have copied and pasted for those who may not see this via Facebook.

As one can imagine, it has been incredibly busy here trying to get all accomplished. I do feel that the tougher tasks have been dealt with and the family is taking small steps in moving forward. 

Like a broken record, I thank all for their wonderful and heart felt support. What an amazing circle of friends and community.

I spoke with a member of the Town Council yesterday and he made mention that the last town meeting was kicked off with a moment of silence in honor of my mother. He also asked if I could be present next Tuesday to receive an award for efforts within the community. I have no words to describe what this means to the family and the spirit of my mom.

Again...Thank you ALL!
Scott Shearwood


January 18, 2020 Memorial Services

Hello all...
As we move forward with the loss of my mother, it is my hope that her friends recognize the fact that Mom lived a wonderful life and had the joy of you as a"Friend". She cherished so many people and a friendship to her was precious. You all have participated in her joy.

I have spent quite a bit of time there the last few days and there is still such a spirit within the room that you can feel and smell. A very strong sense of presence.
I write this note to inform all that we will celebrate her life and the joy that was attached this spring or early summer. This celebration of life will be up Brush Creek. Her love, Her life, her home. The Country Side she fought for for nearly 40 years. Think about that...over half of her life.

As soon as I am able to get all things taken care of in the immediate, I will start working on getting information out with times and dates. In the mean-time, know that my appreciation for all of you and your warm and heart felt support has given much strength in moving forward in these difficult times for the family.

With Love and Appreciation... Scott


January 14, 2020 Celebration of life.

Mom was a Rock Star! I guess I probably already knew that, but this is proof. I have been honored and and proud of BOTH my parents.  Anyone who knew them sometimes struggled to find the words to describe. Singularly, my mom was no exception. 

Your show of love, admiration, respect, and heartfelt care has been incredible. I am so fortunate to have you here to reinforce the positive that mother brought to our planet. 

As we all ban together in memory of Rosalinda Lee Shearwood over the next few days, please know that there will be a celebration of her life this late spring or early summer. This will allow those from far away to arrange travel and allow all to be more prepared to “celebrate” along with a season that was my mom’s favorite. 

Please note my contact email below. I am asking you simply reply with a “keep me posted” and a subject title “Rosie” and your “name”. I have created a file for this subject and it will help me keep track of all you wonderful people!


Again...know you all have been rock stars as well and not just “Groupies”! I send love and appreciation to all. 

Respectfully... Scott Shearwood 


January 12, 2020 1:00 AM

As I lay awake and look out the window into darkness...I search for linings of silver and gold. 

It comes to me, the very fact that Rosie was my mother. She and I played as kids together. For she was a kid of 21 when she granted me life.

From broom hockey on the pond when I was a kid to dancing with me listening to 80’s rock in the 80’s. I always had her by my side. If not, she was leading the way.

Mom lived a miracle. Flying with world class equine from Brazil in a huge military style cargo jet to an Arctic trip on Russian Vessels to study Penguins. Jaguar hunts in the jungle of Belize. If unique opportunity knocked, she was there. 

Though sadden by this loss... I will never forget that the lady of wonder in my life was non other than my mother, Rosalinda Lee Shearwood  

I close with the most appreciation for all here and beyond in the support and love you all have sent forth.

Scott Shearwood and family 



January 11, 2020 7:00 Pm


Link above is an Eagles song. 

As we all move through life, people come and they go. Unfortunately at 4:00 Pm we had to request my mothers wishes if she was ever to be in such a place that life would be as compromised as she is now. She is off life support at the moment. The miracle was her life. My mom is taking steps into her next chapter this evening. She will take this walk at her own pace. As we walk beside her in this final stage of life, please pray that it is on a path of of beauty and peace.