Rosa’s Story

Site created on April 14, 2018

For years Rosa felt like something was wrong. She had stomach pains and had continuously went to her Dr. for help. Her Dr. continuously misdiagnosed her pains for indigestion. In August 2016, my mom(Rosa) went to the emergency room due to these pains and was diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the stomach which matastisized to the liver. She began chemo therapy shortly after being diagnosed. She went through 4 different chemo drugs over about a year and a half. The chemo stopped working on the tumor and the cancer so the Dr. switched her to immunotherapy. This therapy went on for 3 months but did not have an effect on the cancer.  In March 2018 the dr. recommended for her to focus on quality of life and told her that there were no other treatments that would work.  At this point her cancer has taken over her liver. She is no longer walking, is having a hard time talking, and opens her eyes only for a few seconds at a time.
 I wanted to set up this site to share her story and to inform friends and family of her status.  Please follow her days and share you stories of her. 
As you all know she is the most caring and giving person. She has always put others feelings before her own and I can bet there are hundreds of people who have at some point called her mom.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Kevin Renkert

The time has come that moms pain has ended.
I am absolutely positive that my mom heard us throughout the last few days and she waited for all her family to be present.
Today, is was not until every family member that could be here was in the room that she said goodbye. As her family all arrived we would tell her who was there. Once the last person arrived and literally took 2 steps into the room, she took her last breath and began her journey into heaven.
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