Thoughts & Well Wishes

Peggy & Eric Orse | Mar 28, 2018
Dear Ron,

The Letter you wrote that Father shared at Mass took us all by shock.  The silence and quiet that followed was testament of the love your congregation has for you!  You could feel the prayers being sent your way. We weren't sure of the best way to reach out to you, and then Amy passed this our way.

Know that you are in our prayers.  Please open yourself to letting others help you, as you've always been the caretaker, now it's our turn!!!  I'd bring you some cookies, but thinking that's probably not what the doctor would be ordering!  Please if we can do anything let us know!  I appreciate getting to follow you via caring bridge, but look forward to seeing you in person someday soon!

All the best,

Peggy & Eric Orse
Sue Greiling and Rich Greiling | Mar 23, 2018
Ron:  We're glad to hear/read that you're enduring well the numerous treatment regimens.  Understand from Mike and Colleen that you've been patrolling the halls of the office to ensure things are tidy and that people are working hard.  Hopefully that doesn't mean St. Anne's is getting along without you!
We're so looking forward to our pilgrimage, but a saddened to know you won't be there (physically) as our teacher and mentor. Do know that we all will be thinking of you, and praying for your continued recovery.  We'll post a photo or two along the way, and keep you in our prayers.   Best always, Sue & Rich
Andrea Connell | Mar 17, 2018

Hi Ron, I was curious why I didn’t see you at mass last week and then shocked and sadden when I found out your news. You are always the first person I look for to greet when I walk into mass, usually a little late😊. Your presence is missed greatly. Mara came home to visit this weekend so I have told all the girls and our family is praying and keeping you in our thoughts. I am happy to hear your family is surrounding you with their love and support. Enjoy them! Much love and prayers, Andrea, Michael, Mara, Alex and Kate

Steve & Paula Albright/Cipolla | Mar 17, 2018

I look around me seeing so many crumbs! Some I behold are laden with sadness, some with anxiety, some of indecision and uncertainty, even a few of fear, but the majority are overflowing with gladness and gratitude. I follow those. Everywhere I look I recognize and acknowledge those joys in my life. I have a difficult time counting them as they’re as vast and numerous as the evening stars. Crumbs of past and future. The God of All has laid out the crumbs. I decide which ones I follow. 

Monica Bradley | Mar 17, 2018
Grateful to hear that the infusion went well.   And that you had that time with the boys.   We keep on praying and scurrying (especially parish staff) to keep up on ALL the little things you've routinely tended to.  It's a learning experience! Mush love and prayers.  Monica
Steve & Paula Albright/Cipolla | Mar 13, 2018
Hey Ron! glad you've been up & about, and, not too shabby that the weather was also so splendid. What are you doing to pass the time? Isn't it odd that we routinely think we don't have enough time when, at some junctures, it can seem like that's all you have, then you start considering 'what should I do with all this time on my hands?'
Wishes that you continue to feel good.
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