Sandra Evans|Apr 21, 2020
Jennifer, what a beautiful service for Ron. Randy and I were blessed to be a part of viewing it online. Your Ron was spoken of so highly. I can only imagine how proud you are of him. I loved the story about how he would say ... yes, yes, yes to the players while coaching. And how when the Lord called him home he answered yes, yes, yes. What an awesome analogy that was. Hearing his business partner speak of him reminded me of your dad and the remarkable man he was to Randy. Sounds like you married a remarkable man too. I can just imagine the two of them up in heaven. The stories and love they are sharing about your sweet beautiful family. We pray that you and the boys will feel the Lord holding/hugging you during the hard moments. We will continue praying for all of you. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the beautiful memorial service for Ron. Sending you hugs and love.
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Leah Willits|Apr 21, 2020
It was a lovely service. It is obvious that the world lost a great young man. He touched so many. May his love of life and Christ live on through you Jen and the young men you raised together.
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Linda Swift|Apr 21, 2020
So, so blessed to be a part of this service online. Ron’s friends and business partner, as well as the pastor and Rick Briscoe, gave so much insight as to who Ron was as a father, husband, coach, friend, and most of all, a Christian. I loved that Ron said, “Yes, yes, yes!” to his runners on base, encouraging them to run home. The cool analogy by the pastor gave me chills. When God called Ron home, he responded with “Yes, yes, YES!” God bless and comfort Will, Carter, Ryan, Jennifer and the extended family. May He hold you all in His arms. Many are lifting you all up in prayer.
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Rochelle Goodwin|Apr 21, 2020
What an AMAZING, sweet tribute to a man who lived life to its fullest! There is nothing better than a person who loves the Lord and has impacted lives with intentionality. I was so blessed by his service! I continue to pray for your family!
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Erika Lanham|Apr 21, 2020
Beautiful service for a beautiful soul. Rest in Peace Ron. From all of us . Bowers and Lanhams
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Gina Benton Angulo|Apr 21, 2020
What a beautiful service and tribute to a wonderful father, friend and husband. We love you and sorry we couldn't be with you today.
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Jeanna Soper|Apr 21, 2020
Brooke ~ Thank you for your faithfulness on keeping us up to date on this site. Once again, my thoughts and deepest condolences to your precious, precious sister and family. My heart is with each one of you today. So very thankful for the hope that is found in Christ and Christ alone. We will see Ron again. Thank you Jesus.
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Brent Rice|Apr 21, 2020
Today, we #celebrate the life of our good friend, @pattersons03. And we give thanks to a great God who gave us #Hope through his Son, Jesus. And with Him, we can face tomorrow even when the most cherished of our friends or family suddenly passes from this earth.

I watched Ron very closely for the past 5 years and learned so much about being consistent. He led with grace and a soft but meaningful voice. Ron possessed a dimension about him that spoke of how well he was raised. You could feel his wisdom as he used words to build up, not tear down. I witnessed the encouragement he gave to young boys, including my son Garner, as they experienced the inevitable failures on the baseball field. There are few that I entrusted to develop my sons, but Ron separated himself. We were looking forward to another Summer full of baseball, but God called him up. The ultimate call up. And we all take great comfort knowing Ron will always be called "Safe!" 🙏
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DeAnn Dean|Apr 21, 2020
Praying for you all a little extra today! We rejoice in knowing we will see him again one day! He was an amazing friend that we will dearly miss!
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