Journal entry by Sara Irvine

Dad hadn’t been feeling well and decided to go to the doctor yesterday.  It was quickly discovered that he has an ileus, (the inability of the intestine (bowel) to contract normally and move waste out of the body).  He was admitted to the Gothenburg hospital.
Tests found that there are clots in the mesenteric vein and in the portal vein.  (These are veins that take blood out of the bowels and into the kidneys.)  The cause of these clots is related to the cancer and is not something that can be easily fixed.   After learning the possible treatment options, Dad decided to begin hospice care.  

Dad’s wish is to spend his time at home with his kids and our families.  He requests no other visitors.

Cards and letters are welcome.  We will be sure to share the well wishes we receive from all of you.

Thank you for all of the love and support for Dad and our family.  
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