Journal entry by Roger Wyatt

Today Dad had his first chemo treatment. We were surprised that the oncologist, who was different from the oncologist we met with last week, recommended that he do doses of both gemcitabine and abraxane. Last week it was decided to only do the gemcitabine because Dad was already fatigued and his health, overall, is probably below average. However, the oncologist that we met with today offered to do both and Dad jumped on the chance to fight the cancer with all he has! He has lost 4 pounds in the last week but there is something in him that wants to give it all he has! We are so grateful for Dad's strength, courage and determination! 

The oncologist also recommended that Dad eat a lot of ice cream. He loves ice cream but hasn't eaten it much in the last few years. Today, he ordered strawberry ice cream for lunch and we stopped and picked up mini drumsticks on the way home! 

Today Dad, his kids and grandkids, were sporting Superman shirts that Kate and Matt put together for us. The back of Dad's says, "Team Captan" and everyone else's says, "Team Wyatt!" We certainly love our Dad/Grandpa and want to support him however we can!

We cannot thank you all enough for the love and support you've shown our Dad! Please keep calling and visiting! It is likely that he will be more fatigued but we also know that Dad is like no other patient! If you need his landline number, please don't hesitate to call or text one of his kids for it. 

Here is some information on the chemo drugs they are giving Dad.
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