Journal entry by Roger Wyatt

Today Dad took one step closer to starting his chemo treatment. He had a PET scan which will allow the oncologists to know the size of the tumor and gage the effect of the chemo treatments. That was the final piece of the puzzle that he needed to put together before beginning chemo. Dad is anxious to get started!

Dad was able to catch up with some friends and family when we were in North Platte today. He was in a lot of pain this morning but visiting with others who love him really brightened his spirits! We have been grateful for the generosity and love that has been poured out to Dad and our family! We cannot thank you all enough!

Please keep calling and visiting Dad! He doesn't always get great reception on his cell phone so he is putting his landline back in next week. If you would like his number, please text or call him or one of his kids! 
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