Journal entry by Roger Wyatt

Dad was pretty tired yesterday and is sleepy again today. He is really pushing himself when it's time for physical therapy and is doing his best to eat the healthy food that will make him stronger.

He still really enjoys visitors, calls and texts. He was excited to visit with Fr. Don for about an hour yesterday and Randy Burge last night. He really enjoyed reading the comments and well wishes that have been left on this website! Thank you for posting them! It has been fun to hear from people we know and hear stories from people that Dad knows that we don't!

We certainly know of your prayers and are so grateful for them! 

Journal entry by Roger Wyatt

As many of you know, Dad has a pretty rich history of medical complications. Back in 1996 he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. After beating the odds with that cancer, he was diagnosed and beat colorectal cancer in 1999. Since then, there have been a variety of infections and complications from those treatments. 

On May 20th of this year, Dad was transported to Methodist Hospital in Omaha because he was jaundice. It was discovered that he had a blockage in his bile duct. They were able to put a stint in his duct to open it, which allowed fluids to pass again. During that procedure, it was apparent that a tumor was causing the blockage. Eventually, Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which has spread to his liver. 

We believe that Dad is Superman and has beaten the odds many times. We also know that the cure for pancreatic cancer hasn't been discovered yet. 

Dad is currently in the Gothenburg hospital and he he working on getting stronger so that, if his body is able, he can start chemo therapy. We don't know a timeframe for when that decision will be made so we are taking everything one day at a time. 

What we do know is that Dad LOVES hearing from people and he knows that prayer works! We ask that you keep Dad in your prayers and if you would like, he would love to hear from you! Phone calls, texts and emails are great. If you are in the Gothenburg area, he would love it if you stopped by! 

If you're wondering if you should wait to get a hold of him, we would recommend sooner rather than later. Pancreatic cancer is pretty nasty so taking advantage of the days that he is up for visitors, calls, etc. is probably best. Right now he seems to be up for all of that!

We will post updates and pictures of visitors as we have them! Please know that we appreciate your prayers and care for Dad more than we can express!
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