Thoughts & Well Wishes

Erika Pfeifer | Jul 25, 2018
Hey there Roger, Just dropping in to say hello and let you know that I think of you often an I will continue to give the shout out to the Big Man upstairs. I laugh when I say that cause that is what I refer to Nate as to the customers at the bank when they are going up to see him. :) You are one of the most positive, courageous and upbeat people I know! Thanks for always making me smile!  Many ((((HUGS)))) headed your way!
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Judy Jobman | Jun 28, 2018
So great to talk with you yesterday. Please keep working with the therapist and resting to rejuvenate and strengthen. Oh wait you’re in the hospital there is someone always poking and prodding you for vitals. So guess I mean rest when you can. Hugs sent your way!
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Bob Williams | Jun 27, 2018

Your smile in the photos above says it all.  Your positive demeanor is infectious and you enlighten those around you.  I have really enjoyed the times we have had hunting ducks down at the 96 Ranch.  I can see where Nate gets his sense of humor.  My family and I are keeping you and your family in our prayers.
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Andrea Mack | Jun 27, 2018
Hello Roger!  You know the Mack family are big fans of yours! We love all your kids and grandkids too!  We will be praying for you sir, absolutely.  You have taught so many people about the joy and healing power of Christ.  Thinking of you always brings a smIle to my face.  Know you are in our intentions daily now and we pray for strength and courage.  Peace my friend!  Andrea (Verraneault) Mack
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Judy Jobman | Jun 26, 2018
Just a little message to say hi with an attached big hug to say I love you and that you’ve been one of my best friends for ever. That must say we’re old dear cousin of mine. Hope you are resting and taking things easy while not picking on those nurses too much. I’ll call tomorrow. 
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Connie Ruhlman | Jun 26, 2018
Know that Joe & I are keeping you in our prayers. Your history of beating the odds is phenomenal. We know you are a fighter!
If you have time go to Joe’s Facebook page. He & his brother & varous family members are building a treehouse for his niece in Baltimore. I’m sure they would welcome your master builders advice. 
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