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January 14, 2021

Well new medication 💊 caused some swelling.  It also led to a elongated EKG🤔
But I got off it and Cardiologist says my Heart ❤️ is good and the ultrasound on my legs showed no clotting.  EKG is not elongated anymore.  We are going to try a lower dose of Medication and monitor heart weekly.  Should start next week 🙏

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  • Barbara Radey : Glad to hear that you are being monitored closely and that they have been able to provide some options for you. Thinking of you and most importantly praying for you. Please God, bless Rob.
  • Karen Burgess : Thinking of you always!
  • Jeff Valiquett : Glad to hear you resolved the Heart issue and swelling. Hope the lower dose of meds is the answer... Our Prayers are with you!
  • Pastor Brad Doty : Good to hear! I am glad you are off the medication and I pray this new medication does the trick! Prayers are with you and many blessings to you!