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Journal entry by R Collins

OK first off any bloopers did occur in this message I am going to leave. And as you see one has already occurred.

So I got through holy week. Services were well attended my energy level stayed pretty high although on holy Thursday I realized about 10 seconds after I sent the accolades out to light candles that my cane was still in my office. So I ended up doing the entire service without the cane. Got through it fine but was really tired at the end of the service. Good Friday was a very moving service. It went very smoothly. And then on Easter we had 93 people in worship. It was amazing.

In fact Easter Sunday was just a really good day came home and took a little nap. Got up and punched around a little bit. Then we started to make dinner. Plan is to just throw couple of steaks on the grill, have some baked potatoes in a veg. Everything was going peachy until I said to Pam; I’ll go start the grill.

So I went outside on that lovely Sunday afternoon. I started the front burner it began burning just like you’re supposed to. The crossover bar lit. Then I turned on The middle and back burners. I waited. I waited a little more. Then I thought I’m gonna turn these off before too much chaos clacks. Just as I was reaching to do that there was a big rush of flame. Startled the heck out of me and I jumped back. The problem with that though is that once I jump I don’t have enough stability in my left ankle to land. My ankle rolls outward. I have three or four times towards the house and finally fell into the siding. I did my shoulder first and then my head, and then I crash down on top of a plastic patio table. It’s a small one. Smashed it flat. 

Pam do not see what happened but she heard it. So she has about 90 seconds, may be as much as three minutes of pure terror as she comes out to see what happened. I’m a little dazed, that’s not really the right word but, I was still so much surprised and the wind has been knocked out of me. I felt my body parts. It didn’t seem like there was anything broken. So I got up and in fact got up pretty easily and quickly. I did end up with a nasty looking bruise on my back just behind my left arm and some lesser bruising on my shoulder and arm as well.  know if it really has caused me any pain.

I am making pretty good strides in therapy, my strength is improving as my mobility. Especially at home I really use the cane and try to move around elsewhere as much as I can without it. I even ran an errand to a local grocery store this week and chose not to park in handicap and also to go in without the cane. Everything went fine.

All in all things are going pretty good. I see improvement every day though not as fast as I would like. We will be heading to Chicago see Megan and family soon and we can hardly wait to see them. Megan sent us a video of Caleb saying that when we get there he is going to Hugus until we are out of energy and kisses until we are out of kisses.

So you can try to figure out although miss cues and The like. I think I will give you a couple bloopers to close things off.

As Pilate gave in to the demands  as pilot Kevin to the demands

Justly delivered - justly do you livered

Suffers for sinners  — suffers for seniors

Calvary. —  Calgary

And so for Dolores —  Enzo Ford Taurus

Word of Christ — Ford of Christ

Something I forgot to say is that I am starting to plot out what I want to do with the garden. I’m wanting to plan an afternoon sometime after returning from Chicago to get some people together to start getting things organized. So if that something you might be able to help with let me know. Thanks.

God’s blessings to all and thank you for all your love and support.


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