Honor Robert

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“In honor of Robert West one of the greatest people I've know. You changed my life, my friend.”

— Alice Elliott

“In honor of Robert West”

— Dana Roeser and family

“In honor of Robert West. I have never met you but have great admiration for you Robert. Thanks for all you do for the filmmaking community.”

— In Honor of Andrew Siaki

“In honor of Robert West”

— jd wright

“In honor of Robert West”

— janice rogovin

“In honor of Robert West - Robert, you are an inspiration, and of course, your joy and strength is visible even in this trying time. Big hugs.”

— Danielle DiGiacomo

“In honor of Robert West”

— Caryl and David

“Robert, Love reading your updates. Glad you are on to better pathways. Wish I lived closer so that we could get together at Windy Point for dinner.”

— Stephanie Deady

“In honor of Robert West”

— Betty Mobbs

“In honor of Robert West”

— Vital Pictures