Sylvia Longchamps|Oct 4, 2019
Dear Lisa
I. can’t adequately describe my gratitude for your efforts,
At every level...there was exceptional support: familial, professional, and personal You kept us all on the daily journey with you Roberto and the rest of your family. Thank you!
Safe journey home and hug your loved ones for me. God bless. and
please take time for a well deserved rest.
Love and hugs,
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Alice Lujan|Oct 4, 2019 (edited)
Good morning! Looking great Primo! Harry says all you need now us a fishing pole😉
Thank you Lisa for all of your updates and beautiful poetic writing; you are an inspiration to all. God continue to bless you and your family abundantly!
Safe travels to you, Zeferino, Joaquin and Elias...
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