Thoughts & Well Wishes

Alice Lujan | Sep 29, 2019
Buenos días les de Dios😇
Just went through the photo gallery; SO heartwarming!!!
Great to see Celina!!  It’s been too long.
Anita and wonderfully beautiful child; congratulations!!
Jose and kiddos; amazingly beautiful!!
Primo Roberto and Carol, all that visible love 💗 
And how bout the ‘masked gang’???
Lisa, you are amazing! Thank you for keeping us posted!
God’s continued abundant blessings to you all!!!🥰😘
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Judy Cunningham | Sep 25, 2019
Continued prayers for you Bobby, much Carino to all your familia . Hang in there the Lord has a plan for you. Lisa has been wonderfull to keep us updated and explained and expressed with her knowledge and prayful way.  May you get peaceful rest tonight. Prima Judy y familia
Alice Lujan | Sep 25, 2019
Harry and I continue our prayers for you Primo and for Prima, Lisa, Anita, Jose, Celina and all family members.
Lisa, the thoughts you have shared with all of us are very inspirational! Thank you for posting as you have as well as for the wonderful photos of your dad, mom and others. You look good, Primo!!
EVERY day as I pray my rosary I offer thanks for the beautiful rosaries you make Primo, (for everyone in your family), and for all the artisans who glorify our Heavenly Father with their God given talents.
It’s a bit of ‘Heaven on Earth’ for me.
We love you and hope for a blessed and restful night for all of you!😇
Arturo Montaño | Sep 23, 2019
Brother Roberto, you got this!, get well soon my friend, we are all praying hard for your quick recovery, you have touched so many people in this life and we still need you!, love you bro, get well soon! Arturo, Darlene and Gabby, God bless you and your beautiful family!🙏🏽