Honor Robert

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8 Tribute Donations

— Allison Schneider-Alon

“In honor of Robert Eckhart”

— Donnelly Family at St. Bernards/PND

“In honor of Robert Eckhart - Wishing you and your family painless, peaceful loving days.Wish I had the opp to know you on twitter but twibe is phamily”

— musicloverchick

“Prayer, Hopes and Wishes always”

— Judy Fielding

— Twibe

“In honor of Robert Eckhart. I will get by, I will get by, I will get by, I will day at a time. Always in our prayers. Much love from OK.”

— Kevin & Stephanie Hansen

“In honor of Robert Eckhart”

— Larry Ball

“In honor of Robert Eckhart”

— Axilla_part_2_not_part_1