Honor Robby

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34 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Leanne Hopkins

“In honor of Robby Klimaytis. Happy Birthday, Robby”

Gifted by Anita Wages, North Carolina

“To Robby, a sweet and beautiful little boy. God knows your tomorrows and will always be with you. Prayers for Robby, his sweet Nana, grandpa, his parents and all the family.”

Gifted by Allstate Mechanical- Jim Usiak

“In honor of Robby Klimaytis May God Bless You My Little Friend.”

Gifted by The Bergh Lico Family, Stamford CT

“In honor of Robby Klimaytis. God bless all of you in the family.”

Gifted by Jeff Siegel

“In honor of Robby Klimaytis Im very sorry you got hurt during the storm and I hope you feel better soon.”

Gifted by The Hawk Family

“In honor of Robby Klimaytis-Robby- We are thinking of you and sending big hugs and best wishes to you and your family.”

Gifted by The Granzen family

“In honor of Robby Klimaytis”

Gifted by Michelle Pittsley&family

“In honor of Robby Klimaytis,God Bless you all!!”

Gifted by Matt Sciaretta & family

“In honor of Robby Klimaytis”

Gifted by Rebecca DeMattia-Jha and Family

“In honor of Robby Klimaytis”