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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. Many of you might remember me as Lilie Clark's mom. Well today I am starting a new journey with my mom. She has been diagnosed with Stage 2B lung cancer.  She's going to start treatments on Monday. Radiation, Chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. I know what the power of prayer can do. Please lift up my mom in prayer. As we need all the prayers we can get.

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Journal entry by Jennifer Dow

Hi everyone,

I got to go see my mom today after work. She had chemo and radiation today. She was resting when I got there so I tried to slip back out the door to let her be... But she caught me! I was happy to visit with her for a bit. We talked and it was good to see that she's still doing so well. It makes my heart feel better seeing her for myself that she was doing ok. She's not the average patient when it comes to side affects. At this point she's not sick. Not too tired, and she's over all still really active. And the most important of these, She's in absolute good spirits. Fighting cancer isn't easy. But she sure makes it look like it's nothing. That's one thing about my mom I've always seen my entire life... Strength. She's strong willed. She's not willing to just give up on anything and it makes me feel reassured that she is just taking it all in stride one day at a time. 

We talked a little bit about her treatments, what the doctors are saying at this point.... which isn't much. But they seem as optimistic as my mom. Which is a HUGE plus! She started to have the "I want you to have this" talk, and I almost started to cry. The only thing I want is for her to beat this. She isn't done here on this earth just yet. All I want is to see her get the opportunity to live out the remainder of her life with Rick and be happy and healthy. And the other stuff can wait for another day. I'm not interested in anything but her health. I love you mom. You're my everything.

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