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Oct 17-23

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I have been quiet....waiting to see what the side effects are for the new treatment.  It is less hassle than the chemo treatments, as there is no neuropathy or chemo brain or intense nausea.  Instead, I have hives in various places all over my body for which I take Benadryl at night because it puts me to sleep.  There is a constant ache in my back, to the point I must stand and orient when rising from a prone position or risk a face plant.  A few other bits of pain or annoyance are present, but I can live with it all, key word being LIVE.  Over the past month I have been searching for the ideal job working online or in a facility where access to restroom facilities is close at hand.  That narrows it all down and so far, no go.  Being honest with a potential employer about my treating cancer will NOT happen again.  The law says no discrimination for a basket full of situations.  But, they DO discriminate, so no more honesty.  Learning to lie by omission.  Hope your lives have smoothed out, as we all have burdens to bear.  😊 

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