Journal entry by Austin Titus

The brain lesions/dots/abnormalities are all gone (except for the Palm Sunday stroke). Looks like God wants me to keep working for a long time! This is the best possible news.

I still need to be monitored for Atrial Fibrillation (heart rhythm problems), which can be easily treated.

I have done really well coping with/adapting to the double vision. Besides, there is a 60% chance that the brain will heal itself within 1 year.

Today is Friday the 13th. I will always remember Friday the 13th, not as bad luck day, but the day your most fervent prayers and mine got answered!

Many thanks and God Bless!

Fr Austin Titus
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Journal entry by Austin Titus

First of all, many thanks for your continuing support and prayers. They are working. Just got off the phone with the hematologist. All results came back normal. Next test is another special echo cardiogram. Then, later in summer: more MRI's and continued monitoring to see if the double vision improves. All in all, no bad news, so things are looking up! (Or Someone is looking down very kindly!)

Journal entry by Austin Titus

Just returned from NYU; I spent 1.5 hours with the neuro ophthalmologist going over all the many tests to date. Bottom line is that they do not yet know what the abnormalities on my brain are (except for the very obvious stroke). They will continue to monitor me and those abnormalities for any signs that could show malignancy.
My slanted vision arises from the stroke and may go away with time. The double vision could be underlying strabysmus which was kicked into action by the stroke. The vision issues will continue to be monitored for improvement over time. If none, other solutions are possible (eg surgery). I will see :) In the meantime, I do not expect any more medical news for a while.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

Journal entry by Austin Titus

Thanks everyone for your prayers and support and kind words!
I just now got home from the spinal tap (results should be in by April 10). Stroke is being treated with diet, exercise and aspirin. The brain lesions are still a mystery and could be many things. The double vision is also a mystery;  the resulting disorientation is eased by an eye patch. The many doctors hope to get some answers on April 10, when we get results from today's spinal tap. Thanks again for you prayers; they work!

Journal entry by Austin Titus

Now that all the testing is done, I am released from NYU. Now I am on my way to the office of the neurological ophthalmologist (NO), and then to the stroke neurologist (SN). The vision problem is debilitating, but hopefully will cure over time (ie quickly). There will need to be dramatic changes in my diet and exercise routines. This is all good news as long as the lesions on the brain continue to be diagnosed as non cancerous. Now I am on my way to the NO.

Thank you for your continuing prayers!

Journal entry by Austin Titus

Holy Week 2018
Admitted to NYU Monday at 9am for stroke like symptoms, primarily loss of vision and nausea; MRI's shows abnormal spots on brain; source is unclear; so far 2 mri's, 2 cat scans, echo cardiogram, etc

Today March 28 2018: more testing, physical therapy, consults, etc lined up

I appreciate all your prayers and support, but I am not able to see or correspond with parishioners and friends very well; hence this website

Suffering is redemptive, so this will not go to waste

I'll try to keep current
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