Thoughts & Well Wishes

Carol & Cuch Cucci | Apr 8, 2018
Hi Fr.
I was out to dinner with Lee Massina, Ann Collins, Mary Gillespie, and Lee told us about your health issued.  I am only sending
positive thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery.  On Wednesday, I will ask my CCD children to storm heaven with prayer
for you.  At Mass today Ann and Dan Collins told us about this website so we can stay in touch with you...Love you
PS I did see you on Channel 7 with your purple ribbons...I bet now there are millions for you
elaine worobey | Apr 2, 2018

Hello Father!! Liz Burns told me of your web site so thanks to her ..Father we were asked to offer prayers for you this weekend at your old stomping grounds Holy Family,  we all are praying for a good outcome for you!!! We all still miss you very much, you are still close in our hearts even though God called you to a new location so as to touch others hearts and souls, we never forget those God sends us to care for our souls. He always has a great plan for us even though we don't understand the why's. for  we can only just trust and say, a you have already said ; 'Father not my will,but yours be done' call me Fr.  if you need any information my husband had a great dermatologist at Sloan that has taken great care of him the past  years. I'm sure you have many people  to give advice but just letting you know I'm here if you need anything GOD BLESS you, you always bless others now its your turn !!! much love Elaine and Greg