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Impact Resume

What Is An Impact Resume from ResumesTime.com? 

A resume is typically defined as a document that summarizes education and employment experience. More specifically, a resume is a structured form of communication that is intended to get you an interview. Keep that in mind you are writing a resume so that you get interviews. The purpose of one of our Impact Resumes is the same it is intended to get you an interview. But, there is a critical difference. Our Impact Resumes focus on your 
Value Proposition, which is the accumulation of your Knowledge, Skills and Ability as measured by what you have Made, Saved and Achieved in previous positions. It is the sum of your KSA’s and MSA’s. The Value Proposition is why a prospective Employer would want to hire you. And, it is up to you to define your Value Proposition it is not up the Hiring Manager to figure it out from a poorly-written resume. 

An Impact resume format allows the Hiring Manager to easily and quickly determine the alignment of your Value Proposition with the Hiring Manager's needs. As a result, the Hiring Manger can quickly “match” you with the position. You will not get the interview unless the Hiring Manager thinks you are, or likely are, a match for the open role. That is what clinches the interview, that is what you want to happen, that is where our Impact Resumes improve your odds of getting the interview. But, let’s not stop there. Once you get the interview you have to be prepared for it. Needless to say, you will do your homework and research on the Company. But, what if YOU could control the interview? What if YOU determined many of the questions? What if YOU set the tone? 
An Impact Resume can do just that for you. By clearly describing your KSA’s and your MSA’s the Impact Resume becomes a roadmap for the Hiring Manager to follow in the interview. And, even if the discussion moves away from that, you have the ability to quickly turn the dialogue back to you and what you offer and your Value Proposition. 

As a result, you are more confident, you have more control, you have a great likelihood of “nailing the interview!” 

An Impact Resume will improve your odds of: 
  • Getting an interview 
  • Being better prepared for the interview 
  • Competing more effectively for the job 
  • Having a better chance of winning. 
  • An Impact Resume gets you interviews that others do not get.

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