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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using Caringbridge as a way to keep the community up to date and aware of the ongoing  neglect and abuse investigation with multiple horses outside of Rockbridge/Richland Center. We appreciate your support and words of hope for these beautiful horses and the people that have helped rescue 3 of these horses.  Please consider donating to our site. The monies raised will help with the recovered horses feed and medical needs. We really appreciate everyone taking the time to visit this site.  Thank you!

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Journal entry by Brooke Witthuhn

*A quick background on then reason why this page exists.*
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It was brought to public attention via social media, that two said owners of MULTIPLE horses have been neglecting and abusing horses on two separate properties (the two site's main pictures shows just two of the MANY horses that were abused).

Upon being reported and investigated by the RC Sheriff Department, the said owners had shot one of the horses (a younger Palomino) and was burying it when the Sheriff's arrived to collect more information in regards to these accusations.  The said owners informed the authorities that the other horses on the property were "given away" (5 or more horses, unsure at this time) but refused to disclose any further information of WHO they had "given away" the horses to, or where the horses were located at that time.  It is believed that they owners are "hiding" the remaining horses due to pressing criminal charges and a building DA case against the owners.

Luckily, a local horse rescuer was able to save two of the horses from a 'kill house'. The two horses that were taken to the kill house were both registered under the said 'boyfriends' last name and information, to basically get rid of the horses and to cover up their tracks. The rescuer informed the Kill House Owner of the investigation pending (animal abuse/neglect,etc), and was told by the Kill House Owner to take the two horses with her.  Those two horses are currently with the rescuer,on a farm, in a secure pasture. Both rescued horses have received medical care, feed, water and lot of much needed LOVE. The two horses are doing well at this time. They are believed to be about 14-15 years old.  Also, a third horse was rescued by another local who has taken this horse in on a farm. This horse has also received medical care and is doing well at this time. This horse is around 2 years old. 

As of now, we are working directly with the Sheriffs Department and DA, Humane Society, several Equestrienne rescues and the ASPCA. Multiple new stations have been notified of this disheartening story as well.

Please know that we are doing everything we can to save the remaining horses and build a case against the people who abused and neglected these beautiful horses!

As we get updates, they will be posted on this website in regards to the horses well being and the criminal investigation, itself. 

Please help support the rehabilitation of these rescued horses by donating to the below goFundMe Link.  All donated/raised monies will do directly to the horses medical aid/treatments and proper food and water. Follow link here to donate:

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