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Journal entry by Rena Yahn

I'm writing this from my phone so please excuse any errors. So after my diagnosis of leukemia everything has moved very fast. I have a team of the best doctors here in lacrosse as well as my transplant team in Madison. I feel very lucky to have them on my side.
I am currently almost done with my first phase of treatment.  I go once a week for blood work to make sure I don't need any platelets or blood infused.  So far I have not, even though my numbers were incredibly low to begin with, they are currently within normal range!! Hallelujah!  I also go in for weekly chemo. One is infused through my picline and the other through a spinal tap. The spinal tap chemo is to insure that the cancer doesn't spread to my spinal cord and brain. So far so good! 
Next week begins phase 2. I have one more spinal tap chemo on Wednesday. On Thursday the 5th I will get admitted to the 6th floor in lacrosse for a week or so to infuse the harder chemo drugs. To finally kick this things butt!  Anyone is welcome to come visit during my little stay. I know all of you at work would like stop up so please do. After the chemo is mostly flushed through my kidneys and liver they will send me home.  Then I'll have a tuff week or so at home as the chemo continues to leave my body hopefully taking all the leukemia with it!!!
Once I am in remission from that we will check another bone marrow biopsy, and it will be on to Madison for a transplant.  We are currently testing my brothers for a match to me. They each have a 25% chance of matching me. If one of them are a match we can proceed right away with the transplant.  If not, then we go to the world wide data base, be the match, to look for a suitable donor. So if anyone is interested in signing up for that please do. I'll post a link later. It will take longer to find a match through that soure rather than using one of my brother's. Plus if one of my brothers match there is less chance of me rejecting. So we're crossing our fingers for a match to one of them!!! 
So that is my treatment plan thus far! 
So far I have been feeling pretty good all things considered. I've been only a little sick but the doctor's switched all my meds around and added some new ones so I haven't been too bad since then. Just tired mostly. 
I'd also like to say that I am extremely overwhelmed by everyones extreme generosity you have all show not just to me but my family as well. I truly can not say thank you enough! And I just hope one day I can pay all of your generosity forward! You all know who you are! I could not get through this without you all! The kind words, letters, food, essential oils,cards, donations! I'm just so thankful for it all. 
Also there is a benefit being planned.  It will be Saturday June 9th at retreat. We will have flyers posted around soon with more details. If anyone has questions about the fundraiser you can contact Maren Cary 608 606 3851, Chasity Gehde 6086064982 Or Lisa Moore  6086062867 
Thank you to everyone!
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