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Almost everyone has suffered from acid reflux at some point or the other. Acid reflux is an irritating ailment that causes the food from your stomach to be pushed upwards from the stomach up towards your mouth. It is caused mainly by the acid in your stomach which gets too much built up inside the stomach and thus needs to get out through an outlet. It can cause severe chest pains in people. Heartburn is one of the most common symptoms of acid reflux. In this blog you will learn what the causes of heartburn are and how you can avoid it by not taking foods that cause acid reflux.

Heartburn and how it happens: Heartburn is caused due to acid reflux.  The human stomach has a lot of strong acids inside it. These acids are necessary for helping in digesting the food items that you have taken. The acid breaks the food down into little bits and helps to dissolve them. However, there are certain foods that require more acid to get dissolved and as a result of which the acid secretion inside the stomach increases. But after the digestion process has been completed, the acid continues to remain inside the stomach and over some time, it starts to build up there. As a result of this, when you take food later on the acid can reflux and cause the food to go up towards the mouth instead of the stomach. This is acid reflux. It is a fairly common ailment and it can be treated too. One of the most obvious symptoms of acid reflux is heartburn when a person faces immense chest pains. Thus the main cause of heartburn is acid reflux. In order to avoid getting it, you must not take those foods that cause acid reflux.

Which food items should you avoid?

In general, fast foods and junk foods result in acid reflux. Research studies have shown that food items which have a high quantity of fat, sugar, preservatives and caffeine in them, tend to cause more acidity and acid reflux. These will include all modern day fast foods like potato chips, caffeinated coffee and tea, burgers, subways, pizzas and so on. There are also other types of food items like fried foods, because these foods have too much saturated fat in them. You must also avoid sodas and flavoured cold drinks which are rich in sugar content. In fact, all carbonated drinks are to be avoided as these are known causes of heartburn. Also you must avoid fruits which are rich in acidic content, like for instance citrus fruits. Thus, lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits are also foods that cause acid reflux.

Treating heartburn: You can treat heartburn by first avoiding the foods that cause acid reflux. Secondly, you can have aloe vera juice, carbohydrate rich foods like rice and also ginger and green tea to get relief from acid reflux. Also you need to drink plenty of water. Hopefully, the information in this blog will have helped you.

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