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Site created on July 16, 2018

Lorita (Reets) Melvin Crofford-drove herself to the ER in Spearfish, SD on 7/14/2018. After many tests, lab work ups and doctor consultations; they decided Reets was very sick and needed to be airlifted to the nearest specialty hospital; so Sioux Falls Avera is where they took her. Rapid City was full. She was very critical & was diagnosed with many critical diseases including staff infection of the blood which made her septic, abscess, bacterial meningitis and ventricle encephalitis. Avera doctors told us; Reets is the sickest person they had in the hospital and wouldn’t probably survive. Reets did survive and continues to fight hard to regain her strength back to good health.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Dawnita Forell


Reets had labs-teleconference with DR. Syed & got rid of her best friend-1st name:FANNY Last name: PACK😂😂

We celebrated all day & are continuing to celebrate Reets being off the antibiotic-it’s been a very long road for Reets but she is still rehabbing & getting stronger each & every day!

Everyday we celebrate Reets’s life & that God has chosen to let Reets still be here with all of us & for all of us to have witnessed a true miracle!

Reets wants each & everyone of you all to know that she is so blessed to have each of you in her life!

I will include & picture of her being released from the pic line that has truly been her life line!

We are all so blessed & love each & everyone of you all♥️♥️

God bless & Happy Trails,

Reets & her family ♥️🙏🏻♥️
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