I am glad to donate for Becky and my Susan Roger a wonderful woman who cancer took much to young.
John Francis Murphy | Sep 15, 2019
A small tribute to the loving Rebecca Pflueger. We appreciate Caring Bridge connecting is to our dear friends.
Love The Davidson’s | Sep 14, 2019
Oh such beautiful and special moments. Continued love and prayers for your beautiful bride
Love Stacey & Paul Xoxo | May 21, 2019
Keep fighting Rebecca Glenn Goldberg's friend on the bus Kevin Walsh, ND 64
Kevin Walsh | Feb 4, 2019
The kids, Allie. and I are thinking of you. We love you.
The Thompsons | Jan 6, 2019
Grateful to be a part of a group of hearts with positive healing thoughts and prayers for Rebecca.
Marcy Tillman | Jan 5, 2019
God Bless you Rebecca. Keeping you in our prayers. You will beat this!!
Hugs, Sue and Cheryl | Jan 5, 2019
Rebecca, whatever we can do to make this journey easier for you, we are all here! You are a ray of sunshine!! Keep up the fight. Our prayers are with you and the power of prayer and positive thinking will help you heal. Much love, xoxo Anne Folks
Anne Folks | Jan 3, 2019
I’m sending my love and will pray that your upcoming surgery is a great success.
Kathleen Bell | Jan 1, 2019
Kathleen Aldrian | Dec 21, 2018