Honor Rafi

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10 Tribute Donations

Gifted by MoJoe Crew

“In honor of Rafi Montalvo”

Gifted by Jorge and Aleyda Mas

“In honor of Rafi Montalvo”
Maria H. Pistorino

Gifted by Maria H. Pistorino

“In honor of Rafi Montalvo”

Gifted by Frank S Watts III & Family

“Rafi, Ralph &, Ivette and family, We send all of our love and support. #2 is coming back. BEAT ARMY. Frankie Watts”

Gifted by Barbara Beaubien

“In honor of Rafi Montalvo My thoughts and prayers continue for a recovery very soon. Trust God.”

Gifted by anonymous

Gifted by Dion, Julie, Keegan and Kaitlynn Potter

“Dear Rafi, Our prayers are with you and the entire Montalvo family. Godspeed on your recovery and never give up. May God Bless You!”

Gifted by Caro, Olga, Sofia y Luca

“Rafi, we are SO proud of you. You are an amazing guy and an inspiration to all of us. We love you! We will be here when you wake up!”

Gifted by The Knox Family

“In honor of Rafi Montalvo”
Julio Berard

Gifted by Julio Berard

“In honor of Rafi Montalvo. We pray for your full recovery. We pray for the Montalvo family may God make you strong.”