Honor Rachel

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“TO: Rachels Family, Keep working through this very difficult time, She is very proud of all of you.”

— Martin Straut

“Rachel, you are still with us because your pictures, favorite things are still in place. Your kids are really neat kids and I am so amazed at the strong foundation you laid down with them in such a short amount of time. You and Rob aced that task.”

— I Love You, Rachel, Auntie Mary Dee

“In memory of Rachel Brant Peres. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.”

— Liz Wegge Bennett

“In honor of Rachel Brant Peres”

— Anonymous

“In honor of Rachel Peres”

— Mark and Amy Anderson

“In honor of Rachel Brant Peres. The Zinkls are thinking of you this Christmas, and are sending our hugs to Rob, Evan, Kate, Linda, Ryan and Tiffany.”

— The Zinkls

“Rachel lives on in many ways and especially through her words. Our love, Dut and Nancy”

— Dut and Nancy Whetzel

“In honor of Rachel - We continue to pray for your family,Rob. We are grateful for CaringBridge. We had a great Thanksgiving at Kim and Brad's. Love,”

— Miles & Nadine Funk

“In honor of Rachel Peres”

— Anonymous

— Kay Ford