Journal entry by Grace Hayes

UPDATE: Thank you all for the incredible outpouring of love, prayer, and financial support for the Barkley family as Rachel recovers from a rare spinal cord tumor and surgery to remove it.

Rachel is now approaching the second phase of her recovery: transitioning back home. With the expenses and challenges of this next phase becoming clear, we are launching Phase Two of our GoFundMe campaign with a new goal of $67,000.

As those of you who have followed these CaringBridge updates know, Rachel has spent the last five weeks at an acute spinal care injury rehab hospital in Philadelphia. She’s made tremendous progress regaining mobility in her arms, core, and (both!) legs, but she still faces many challenges on the road to full recovery and independence.

Discharge is planned for early September, and Rachel is expected to need a wheelchair for the immediate future. This means the Barkley's beautiful home on Capitol Hill will need some major modifications to make it accessible and functional for their family, including:
--Moving the master suite from the third level to the basement level
--Enlarging doorways and adding a basement-level entrance/exit
--Creating an accessible bathroom
--Handling potentially major drainage remediation in order to build the basement-level entrance/exit
[Expected total: $30,000]

Rachel will also need equipment and specialized care to continue in-home occupational and physical therapy:
--Either a stairway lift or external elevator to allow her to access the main level:
[Expected total: $13,000]
--A manual wheelchair to get her to and from doctor’s appointments (insurance only covers one chair, the power wheelchair she’ll use in-home) and other rehab equipment that her doctors will determine closer to discharge:
[Expected total: $2,000]
--A hospital bed for easy dressing and care:
[Expected total: $2,000]
Fees for in-home therapists for several months, possibly longer:
[Expected total: $3,000]
--Transportation cost via rented or hired accessible vans:
[Expected total: $2,000]

Meanwhile, medical bills will continue to accrue in the months ahead, including a $15,000 out-of-pocket bill to cover Rachel’s time in rehab.

Some of these estimates are what Rachel and Taylor will need to pay after insurance covers up to 75% of the total cost.

Reaching our new goal of $67,000 will make the Barkley's return home as quick and smooth as possible, and ensure that Rachel can continue her miraculous recovery without interruption.

Your generosity has already given this campaign a huge jump-start, and the entire Kopec / Barkley family is unspeakably grateful for the support you’ve shown through this trying time. Now is our chance to step up once again to bring Rachel, Taylor, and baby Hudson home and support them as they move forward.

You can make your donation here.

Thank you!!
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