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January 31, 2021

Robert "Preston" Midgett II 
1959- 2021
The man who united a community in well wishes and prayer as few have, moved from this life to his heavenly home on Monday, January 18, 2021, at the age of 61. Robert Preston Midgett, II, who embraced people, good causes, and his city left us having provided a tradition of serving with humility and an example of graciousness we should all emulate. His calm, reserved demeanor belied an enthusiasm for a life full of hard work, philanthropy, and adventure.

Preston was born on April 28, 1959 in Norfolk, VA. Living all his life in Virginia Beach, he gained his faith at First Presbyterian Church of Virginia Beach. Preston farmed with his dad in his early years and then worked with his dad, mom, and uncles at the family business, Jungle Golf, from the age of 11. Preston graduated from Frank W. Cox High School. He attended Ferrum College and Appalachian State University (both where his major appeared to be skiing) and received a B.S. in Business Administration from Old Dominion University. Over time he learned every aspect of Jungle Golf's operation from the ground up, and he worked in every capacity from mowing the grass and running the cash register to eventually taking over all the bookkeeping, hiring, payroll, maintenance, landscaping and total property management. Preston, with the support of dedicated managers and loyal employees, helped make Jungle Golf's mini golf course the familiar icon of the Virginia Beach oceanfront it is today, celebrating 50 years. 

Preston's first priority was always family, and he was an extraordinary family man - devoted son, adoring husband, and loving father - which included friends he considered family. He married his best friend and soulmate, Kim, on the 6th hole of Jungle Golf next to the volcano, on a warm and sunny December 31, 1992. Known for his generosity, willingness to help, and being the consummate host, it is easy to understand why he was so beloved. He enjoyed entertaining his family, many good friends, and fun-loving, dependable neighbors at home on their cul-de-sac. You could find him with a spatula in one hand and a Michelob Ultra in the other. The beach boy never wore socks, but you always saw him in his Jungle Golf hat. He regularly indulged in a quick afternoon nap. Preston listened to a wide variety of music and especially appreciated country music concerts at the Patriotic Festival and VB amphitheater every summer. Each fall he looked forward to the annual Cherrystone Halloween family and friends' weekend, where his & Buster's top duty was to steam the clams for their large group. He was an accomplished cook preparing both traditional family recipes and experimenting with new ones on his massive grill. His favorite special treats were the Malbon layer cake with chocolate icing and Rockafeller's Restaurant's coconut cake. Often straight-faced, you knew his smile was genuine. He was a kidder and a prankster like his Dad, and his lighthearted sense of humor made everyone laugh. Simply put, Preston was the best! 

Preston was an outstanding citizen of Virginia Beach and the world. His knowledge and experience made him one who was frequently sought out to assist and advise. He employed an unassuming diplomacy, offered insightful counsel, and exercised the duties he took on faithfully. Historically, Preston not only assisted multiple community organizations, and also served at different times as president/chairman of the Resort Advisory Commission (member 2002-2020), Old Coast Guard Station/Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum, Resort Retailers Association, and Resort Leadership Council. Preston was a 2002 Neptune Festival Triton, a founding member of the Robin Hoods of Virginia Beach/Nobleman and SAFE (Surfing Access for Everyone), a member of the Museum of Contemporary Art Board of Trustees, and Board of Directors member for the Neptune Festival and the Patriotic Festival. Preston was the Chairman of the Transportation/Parking/Pedestrian Committee from 2002-2020. Resort Advisory Sub-Committee assignments were numerous including: Planning/Design Review, GREEN, Oceanfront Enhancement, Resort Investment, Oceanfront Strategic Growth Area, Resort Master Plan, Atlantic Avenue Revitalization, Old Beach Master Plan, Special Event Task Force, City Manager's Resort Advisory, Form Based Code Advisory, Resort Area Strategic Plan 2040 Taskforce, Joint Commission of RAC and Human Rights, VB Convention and Visitor Bureau Taskforce, and the Resort Area Mobility Plan. Currently, he was Chairman of VB Vision's Resort Development Task Force.

Preston enjoyed traveling with his wife, children, and friends. The adventurer in him was always up for the next trip! An excellent skier, after college he made ski trips to Colorado and Canada. He and Kim also honeymooned in the stunning Austrian Alps. As a young adult, he earned his pilot's license and tested his skill at aerobatics. Taking up surfing in his early 30's, Costa Rica was a favorite surf spot with his family and his surf buddies - he also rode waves with them in Nicaragua, Ecuador, and California. Cabo was a special surf destination he shared with Josh; no doubt they are reminiscing about that now. Spring break trips hosted by the Johnston's in gorgeous residences with family/friends were a highlight each year and took in St. John, Sunset Key, Anguilla, Turks and Caicos, and Great Exuma swimming with the pigs. Preston & Kim made the trip of a lifetime to the fabulous Greek Isles in 2016 with Kim's generous boss! Passionate about fishing, Preston excelled at flounder fishing in Wachapreague, learned flats flyfishing in Key West, became obsessed with bonefishing in Andros Island in the Bahamas, and recently experienced flyfishing in Montana rivers. Preston, with family and friends, met Tara on her South American gap-year escapades to climb Machu Picchu and explore Peru's Sacred Valley in 2018. While Preston was an excellent mini-golf putter, he only took up the game of golf about 10 years ago. He enjoyed the game but needed practice and would be proud to tell you he had the highest handicap at the Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club! He always enjoyed challenging himself with comrades and trainers at Wareing's gym to keep in shape for his exploits. An avid boater, in 2019 he checked off the top of his bucket list by completing the Great Loop in 6 weeks (Trey traveled with him for 3 weeks). He accomplished this in his 26ft Panga, a Costa Rican fishing boat, Pura Vida, right in time for the annual Neptune Festival weekend! 

Preston was predeceased by his father Robert Preston (Bobby/"Monk") Midgett, and his mother Nancy Malbon Midgett; uncles Jimmy (Rooney), Ralph (Nel), AB (May Henry), and Sonny; and aunts Gerry, Molly (Johnny), and Leegie (Boyd) and sweet pup, Roxy. He is survived by his loving wife Kim, son Robert Preston "Trey" Midgett III, daughter Tara Lorraine, loyal companion Rusty, sisters-in-law Diane (Keith), Kathy (Jeff), and Carolyn (Brett), brother-in-law Jon (Margaret); nephews Kindell (Laura), Ryland, Nevin, Gram, Tad, David, Greyson, and Dylan; nieces Kelsey (Greg), Kiley (Rawane), Karson, Jeanna (Alex), Madison, Sarah, Emily, and Isabelle. Extended family includes Peggy, Buster, and Kaitlyn Lankford; Diane, Tom, and Allie Johnston; Bruce Thompson and family; the 71st Anglers breakfast club; and many Midgett & Malbon cousins.

Having fought a courageous 2-month battle, one had only to witness the many local business marquees with messages to Preston during and after his illness, as well as the news and newspaper coverage, to know this was a person whose influence was deeply appreciated, whose strength of character and loyalty were renowned. The family would like to thank the ICU doctors, nurses, and staff at Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital, Sentara Norfolk Heart Hospital, and the UVA Hospital in Charlottesville for the exceptional care that was given to Preston. They also extend their gratitude to all the prayer warriors on CaringBridge and Facebook, and church groups from Virginia Beach and around the country. The family appreciated all who offered support in so many ways, from house Christmas lights to porch elves' notes, from meals to encouraging messages. 

A celebration of life and paddle-out will be held once the pandemic subsides and the warmer weather that Preston so enjoyed is with us again. Donations may be made in his honor and memory to one of his favorite charities: JT Walk, Surf Rider Foundation, Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, Neptune Festival, Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum, or Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad.

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January 19, 2021

It is with a heavy heart that I have to advise that Preston finished his long marathon yesterday and now is at peace with our loving God in beautiful heaven. We all prayed for a different outcome, but that was not God's plan. He fought the long fight and it was such a roller coaster. He was so close. He had the very best care teams at all three hospitals and for that we are very grateful.

At the end, he was surrounded by so much love by our family and all his friends! We know he was wrapped in the loving arms of his mom and dad. Also, he was greeted happily by our beloved pup Roxy. I know Josh Thompson was there with surfboards in hand for he and Preston to ride the most perfect waves in heaven.

We feel so blessed that Preston was able to complete his bucket list adventure of the Great Loop boat trip on Pura Vida with Trey and share his escapades daily on Facebook. He had the time of his life! 

We want to thank all our prayers warriors for being on the long journey with us. We know this included all our family, extended family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church prayer groups and people who have never even met Preston from all around the country. All the care, support, love and prayers helped us through this difficult time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God continue to bless you and your families!

Much love,
Kim, Preston, Trey, Tara, and Rusty


January 17, 2021

We are requesting that every one of our Prayers Warriors pray for Preston at 5:00 pm. We feel that the power of prayer in unison will help God hear us loudly!

Last night, Preston's bilirubin number went up to 6.2 and only trended down to 5.8. These numbers put him 
in a severely critical position. We desperately need your prayers for this number to go down to a range between 2-3 today as this is crucial in his recovery. Preston’s doctors have informed us that if this number does not go down, they have done everything they can medically.

We need
a miracle! We have seen Preston overcome some incredible obstacles thanks to your prayers and love, so we are holding on to that. 

Our specific prayers are:

Preston's liver numbers trend down to range between 2-3 today in order for his liver to recover
2. God
will wrap his arms around Preston and comfort him only how he knows best to do

Prayer warriors, thank you for lifting Preston and our family up in love and prayers. You are our strength and encouragement throughout this journey. 

Job 5:8-9 
But if I were you, I would appeal to God; I would lay my cause before him. He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted. 

Much Love, 
Kim, Preston, Trey, Tara, and Rusty 



January 16, 2021

Preston's liver bilirubin number is still at 4.6. It trended down a little bit last night to 4.3, but then went back up today. We really need prayers for this number to go down! This is very critical now! We appreciate concentration on that for the next 2 days. 

Our crucial prayers:

1. Preston's liver recovers and his numbers trend down to a range between 2-3 over the weekend so he can be listed for a lung transplant

2. Preston's heart rate remains stable so he can be listed for a lung transplant

Thank you prayer warriors!!!

Kim, Preston, Trey, Tara and Rusty


January 15, 2021

I just spoke to Preston's surgeon. It seems they were able to determine his neurological assessment so we have cleared that huge hurdle! Hallelujah, thank you Lord!! The prayers that were offered up by all our Prayer Warriors were answered!

Preston does have another couple of hurdles though and still in very critical condition. 

First, in weaning the sedation, Preston's oxygen and blood pressure dropped and he had an irregular heart beat, went into AFib and had to be shocked. He had to have paralytics and be put back on heavy sedation to get his oxygen numbers up. He was stabilized, but he can not have that happen again for the chance to be listed for a lung transplant.

Second, Preston's bilirubin number has gone up overnight to a high range, we need his number to go back down over the next couple of days to show his liver is working and he can be listed for a lung transplant.

Our new urgent prayers:

1. Preston's heart rate remains stable so he can be listed for a lung transplant
2. Preston's liver recovers and his numbers trend down to a range between 2-3 over the weekend so he can be listed for a lung transplant
3. Preston keeps fighting for his life in this long struggle
4. Preston's kidneys start working again

We thank you Lord for Preston's hard working and caring team of doctors and nurses in the UVA TCV ICU.  Also, we are so very grateful Lord for our prayers warriors who continue to support us in this roller coaster marathon.

Jesus said in the book of Mark:
All things are possible to him that believes. Do not be afraid any longer, believe.

Much love,
Kim, Preston, Trey, Tara and Rusty


January 15, 2021

UVA Hospital went on lockdown for visitors on Tuesday, Jan 13 so I can not be with Preston. I am back to calling the nurses for updates and setting up FaceTime with the nurses to give Preston his daily pep talks. Also, I have to wait on a daily update and plan from his doctor.  

Our fervent prayers:

1. Preston can be weaned from the heavy sedation he is on without his blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen dropping so the doctor and nurse can get the required neurological assessment they need to list Preston for a lung transplant

2. The doctors and nurses use their best knowledge, skill and experience in waking Preston up gently with minor issues as they try daily

3. Preston's kidneys recover and he can come off the CRRT machine

4. Preston is put on the list for a lung transplant and has a successful surgery very soon

"Pray with all your might! And don't let up"  Samuel 7:8

Thank you prayer warriors!  We need you as mush as ever!

Kim, Peston, Trey, Tara and Rusty


January 13, 2021

The UVA doctors are trying everything they can to get Preston to a place where he can wake up for the neurological assessment. They are trying a couple of other things over the next few days.

Prayers are still urgently needed:

1. Preston's kidneys recover and he can come off the CRRT machine

2. The doctors and nurses use their best knowledge, skill and experience in waking Preston up gently with minor issues when the time comes

3. Preston is able to do what the doctors ask of him to get ready for lung transplant surgery

4. Preston is put on the list for a lung transplant and has a successful surgery very soon

“‘But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD…” — Jeremiah 30:17

God Bless all of our tireless prayer warriors with us on this long journey!

Kim, Preston, Trey, Tara and Rusty


January 11, 2021

Preston is still in the same holding pattern. Care team is taking off fluid and weaning sedation. 

Our prayers remain the same:

1. The doctors and nurses use their best knowledge, skill and experience in waking Preston up gently with minor issues when the time comes

2. Preston is able to do what the doctors ask of him to get ready for lung transplant surgery

3. Preston is put on the list for a lung transplant and has a successful surgery very soon


With God all things are possible.  Matthew 19:26

Kim, Preston, Trey, Tara and Rusty