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Journal entry by Teresa (Bob) Erickson

Dear family and friends,
   A quick update, because we appreciate so much your prayer for Bob—and all our family, through this time. He did go and have lab work done on February 28th; he has felt so much better—other than his numb feet—that we were pretty surprised to learn his white blood count, platelets, and lymphocytes are still very low. He sent a message to the oncologist, who replied that it could remain low for up to a year—so not to worry.  Then Bob sent a message to the see what’s next. (I think a worldwide pandemic has affected a bit how quickly things are done😉)  The surgeon said he needed to find out what the colonoscopy showed; and then he’ll do a scope, and another test with dye to check the area where he did surgery to be sure there are “no leaks”.  (My “non-medical” understanding.)
Due to some confusion, they put off the colonoscopy until May; but we were able to get the number that goes directly to scheduling. Bob now has an appointment on Monday, March 15 for the colonoscopy. (Please pray for Bob and his “mixed feelings” about anything they might discover.)    We both know that “God’s Got This”, and has from the beginning...but each new and different step brings with it a new need for prayer and trusting. 
And, the majority of our friends know that as we’ve dealt with Bob’s cancer over the last year, we are now as an Erickson family walking together the 2nd cancer journey with our sister-in-law, Teresa. We are grateful for the many upholding her now. 
Finally, Bob shared another Reflection this morning on Facebook, and I would like to share with you who may have missed it. In His great love, God continues to carry us through...❤️❤️, Teresa & Bob

Reflections 3.2.2021. Love God, Love Others

““The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.””

Mark 12:29-31 NIV

The two great commandments may seem to be simple yet they are the most profound, for the fulfillment of these are totally dependent upon a transformed heart.  The heart naturally goes in the direction of other laws, laws of man-made kind, that often trap us in a quagmire of confusion and frustration that leads us to the opposites of the “Love Commands”.  Oh it’s easy to love those who love us and look like us and are “friends” of ours, but what about all the others, the not so lovely, friendly, helpful? What do we do with those who disagree with us and our opinions, or what do we do with those who have an alternate view of truth that doesn’t coincide with my understanding of truth?  I believe that is why Christ summed up God’s intent and heart with these two commands, to Love Him first and foremost, and then to love our neighbor as ourself.  It all comes down to human relationships with God and others.  Strip away the exteriors of others, their pride, arrogance, anger, hate; and you find a person created in the image of God from the beginning, wounded and scared.  Their defenses are up out of pure survival reflexes that protect them from this cruel world...this world that demands of us things that really don’t reflect accurately who we are.  Jesus said I have come to give you life and life abundantly but the enemy, Satan, the god of this world, this ruler desires to seek us out, kill and destroy us and our “relationship” with the one True God.  He, Satan, is doing a pretty good job at stirring the pot and causing mankind to raise up against one another with wars and ideologies and race and gender and whatever other hot topic is out there by his cunning and strategy.  This battle we are in will never be won by our opinions or our philosophies or our political viewpoints.  The answer is not found in democracy, socialism, communism, federalism, is found in the two commandments of Jesus....”to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and to love others with the love with which God has loved you.  Such love elevates us above the fray of our current circumstances and puts us in touch with what is really important, my life touching another in love and kindness and goodness.  Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world but is found in our hearts where He rules and reigns through His Holy Spirit.  It is there we find true liberty...where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, liberty, justice, goodness, righteousness, truth...let us bring our hearts back into alignment with God’s Kingdom on earth that dwells in the hearts of all who call upon the name of the Lord and let Him rule us into Love from the deepest parts of our souls.  All questions find their answer there, all fears are eliminated there, all confusion is cleared up there, all hate is melted away there.  May you my isolated friend find God’s Love and Glory shining all over you and in you this day.

Pastor Bob

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